Welcome home

Brodje got home in high spirits; well as high spirited as he could be in this situation, he had finalized the plan, he and Rara would leave their newly born child to be raised by Rara’s mother then escape to Winslow, after a decade or so when things would have calmed down they would return and maybe take their son with them or resettle in Umere. “Rara!” Brodje called out “Big trouble, well, expected big trouble”

“Oh Brodje, you’re back” Rara said while stepping into the walkway “What was the decision, am I to be murdered alongside my magi brethren? Or did the mayor see sense and realize we have nothing to do with this?”

“In a perfect world maybe, he has decided all magi will be banished, it’s infinitely better than being killed in my opinion”

“Stop playing cool, I can see you’re scared out of your wits, what are the details?” Rara said smirking a little

Apparently the High council of Aer is sending a regiment of soldiers, Templars most likely, to purge the town in a week’s time, so all magi are supposed to make themselves scarce by then” Brodje replied ruffling his hair

That’s a big enough time window for most of us to escape, but if we were to escape, where would we go? And before you ask, I’m staying here” Rara said while resting her hands on her hips

I had a feeling you would say that, Rara if you stay, you will die”


“I obviously don’t want you to die, I’m your husband, I need you, we’ll stay long enough for you to give birth, leave the child’s rearing to mama and escape to Winslow through the forest, you’re an amazing water mage so we should be safe, in ten years when things would have calmed down, we’ll come back, resettle or take our child back with us”

“Brodje I understand where you’re coming from but I have lived in this town all my life, I am twenty-five and I have served this town for twenty years of my life, I refuse to run away like some outcast”

You WILL die! Don’t you get that? If you die I won’t be able to see you ever again, I won’t be able to live anymore, don’t you value your life, don’t you love me?, do you want to live me a broken man for the rest of my life?”

After shouting that Brodje left the room, he couldn’t understand why his wife was so stubborn, “I cannot live without her” he thought, “she has to escape or both of us will die”. Rara sat in the living room watching the flames flicker in the fireplace, Brodje did not know why she couldn’t leave, it was a secret, a dark secret only her and her mother knew and now it looked like she was going to have to tell him or their last days together would be the unhappiest of them all, but wouldn’t telling him make him hate her even more? the last of the flames briefly sparked and died and Rara sat in the darkness softly weeping.