Brodje left the house early the next morning, only bothering to kiss Rara good morning and mutter something about not letting this happen. Rara lay stretched out on the bed, still thinking about what Brodje had said yesterday and reminiscing about how she met him near the lake on the outskirts of the town.

Rara had woken up early that morning and so she set off for her duties at once, she was required to walk through and water the farms in the southern and eastern parts of the town, the town was said to have many great water mages but the truth was that Rara accounted for more than half of their magical strength, from the time she received her powers at age five she had averted droughts, stopped dry spells and kept the harvest bountiful, for this service the town built her a large house in the city Centre and provided for all her needs. She was an attractive, fairly tall, long haired girl with eyes of the deepest blue; though this was a side effect of being a water mage as eye colour is one of the most important ways to tell a mage’s affinity, the brighter the color the stronger the mage, fervently sought after by the town’s young men she had never really thought about settling down as in her own words “Our town’s men are too dreary and boring”.

At the end of a day’s work she would walk to the lake and have a long dip, on this particular day however she noticed a peculiar sight, another person was in the lake! It was well known in the town that she visited the lake often so people were usually discouraged from going there, “Hey” she called “who are you, I’ve never seen you before, and why are you in my lake?”

Me? I am a wanderer” replied the man “Also I wasn’t aware that people own huge lakes nowadays, nevertheless I’m just taking a dip, I’ve walked a long way”

Well get to walking again” Rara snapped “Everyone knows that I come here after my work is done, are you some sort of pervert?”

Well princess, I am a traveler as I stated before, therefore I had no idea about this weird custom of giving an adolescent girl full reign over an entire lake, Also why would I be a pervert? I’m just lounging in the pool, is it not safe to say that in this situation the one that brought up the accusation is the true pervert here?”

“Well, whatever, just turn around and I swear if I see you duck under the water I’ll drown you”

“Fine then”

Two of them stayed like that for a while, neither one saying a thing, during this time Rara was eagerly checking him out, he had black hair and was handsome in his own way but the most peculiar thing were his very light gray eyes, they almost looked white, “ Could he be a mage?” Rara whispered to herself

“Um, hey” Rara called out

“What do you want princess?” he replied

What’s with your eyes? They are really bizarre, are you some sort of mage?”

“ Well, I’d consider that as a deeply personal question most people won’t ask someone they have just met for the first time, someone they don’t even know the name of, but seeing as you are obviously not normal and a pretty cute girl I’ll answer it”

Rara blushed slightly, sinking below the water so he couldn’t see, “Stop with the blatant flattery and tell me if you’re going to!”

Fine, sorry princess, the answer is… No I’m not a mage, I had this peculiar disease that lightened eye colour, according to the doctor I met it will go back to normal in due time, that answers your question right?”


“In that case” said the man who was starting to rise “Nice meeting you princess, but I’ll be on my way now”

Rara drew in a deep breath, the man had an enormous cut that ran down the right side of his body, and it was still bleeding! “Y… You!” she stammered “what happened to you?”

“Long story, I must go, have a good life princess” the man said as he limped out of the lake

No! I cannot let you go just like that with such a huge wound, it would stain my conscience, come with me, my mother will treat you and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a meal out of us. Also my name is Rara, princess is getting annoying

“Thanks for the kind offer prin- I mean Rara, my name is Brodje, and I will take you up on that offer”

That was 4 years ago, Brodje eventually settled in the town working as a blacksmith, in time they fell in love and got married, “ Feels like such a long time ago” Rara said, rubbing her belly “ It’s a pity our child will never know his mother”. Brodje came back about four hours later, Rara could hear him making himself some breakfast and whistling, “He seems in a good mood” she said “I wonder why” Rara got up and steadied herself, she had been preparing for this moment all morning, she was going to tell him her dark secret, she was going to tell him her magical powers came from the god of the lake and why that meant she couldn’t leave.