Brodje was still whistling as Rara walked in, the windows had been opened and the sunlight streaming in temporarily blinded Rara “Damn, my eyes” she cursed, noticing her, Brodje looked up and said “Good morning Rara, sorry for leaving so early” while grinning, this was strange, was this the same person Rara had left last night?, why was he so cheerful?, something wasn’t right here Rara thought while looking him over then her eyes rested on an object hanging from the right side of his belt.

Brodje! Is that what I think it is?” she screamed

“Well it certainly is” replied Brodje while drawing out the sword

“What do you plan on doing with it?”

“Isn’t it obvious? There’s no way I’m letting them kill you, only over my dead body

“N…No stop Brodje! You mustn’t do this”

“It’ll be alright princess” he replied his silver eyes gleaming “I’ll see you in a few days, there are things I have to do, if the baby comes before I return name him whatever you want” he finished as he walked toward the door “By the way, eat your breakfast, it’s going to get cold soon” he said as he opened the door and stepped out

“Wait, wait! I have s…something to tell you!” she shouted while running out the door and into the street, but there was no sign of him “What an idiot” she cried “why do you want to die so badly, my fate is sealed already” she wiped her eyes and went inside to eat the breakfast he made for her, but then she remembered “His eyes! Oh no, this is dreadful!”

Brodje gingerly touched the hilt of his sword, he did not really need it but for the time being he was willing to let his wife still think of him as just an ordinary wanderer that ended up settling in her hometown, he had six days to prevent his wife’s death but even he couldn’t take a regiment of soldiers alone, he needed help and he needed it fast and for that he’d have to go back to the place he hated the most, his hometown of Ventus in the province of Yaaba and also the current headquarters of the association of rogue magi called EquiOmni.

Brodje got there just after sunset on the 3rd day of his trip; wasting no time at all he walked to the headquarters of the EquiOmni also known as his home. It seemed nothing much had changed since Brodje left home five years ago, the house was still impressive as were its grounds, although he didn’t appreciate the people living in it, it was still a grand building. He walked up the gate and rapped it with the gigantic gargoyle-shaped knocker once, twice, no response, well in that case he was just going to scale the wall, just as he was rolling up his sleeves he heard a voice behind him “Brother, what are you doing?” said a young boy who almost looked like his clone

“Scaling the fence” Brodje replied with a slight smile on his face

“Well no need for that” the young boy replied “I’ll let you in” he finished as he opened the gates.

His younger brother Gio was probably the only one in his entire family he actually cared about, Brodje kept his hand on his sword as he followed the lean sixteen year old through the massive gate, around his family it was best he stayed on his guard, he had betrayed them by fleeing when he was made leader of the EquiOmni after his father’s death, they had already tried to kill him twice, the chances of it happening a third time were not slim.