The sun had just started to peep over the horizon as Gio woke his sleeping brother up “Zio hurry and wake up! Or we will never make it in time” Gio said as his brother rolled over on his side, wiped at his eyes and glowered at him “What have I said about calling me that name Gio?” Brodje said as he rose lazily “I will not be associated with that murderer in any way” Brodje sat up and stretched, yawning as he did “You should know better, you know the sort of man he was don’t you?” Gio smiled and grabbed his brother’s arm to pull him up “I know that he was a great mage” he said as he himself stretched “We should really get going brother, you’ve grown lazy”

He was a murderer and a drunk, he deserved to die at the hands of his own wife” Brodje said, stretching some more.

I recall you were always terrified of father, you would never have dared to talk like this about him if he were still alive” Gio was at the door waiting for Brodje to finish.

I’m glad he’s dead then, we’re all better off, even though he left this wretched organization in his wake”

“You are forgetting that I am a member of the “wretched” organization of which you speak, your tongue will be the death of you eventually brother” Gio said, smiling softly

“Oh?” Brodje said “Seems you think you have grown up small one, mother is not here, and you’d do well to remember who exactly I am” Brodje said, his silver eyes shining dangerously.

“I have not been slacking off these past five years, unlike a certain someone i know, but enough of this talk, mother wants to see us before we leave” Gio said as he opened the door and walked to his mother’s study.

Brodje was not really as confident as he acted, his brother was right, these past years he’d never once even used his powers, he was weaker than his younger brother now- he could feel it, his brother emanated power much like their father used to back when he was alive and he’d never heard his brother talk in such a dangerous tone before, he might not be able to escape working for them this time he thought but he had to get Rara to safety, that was the most important thing.

The study door was slightly open, he could hear his mother’s sweet chuckle, a chuckle normally reserved for when she was sending some poor fellow to his death, a chill ran down Brodje’s back, what he was trying to do was nothing short of folly, his mother might be the most powerful mage alive, even his father had fallen to her power and he was trying to deceive her? Fool was too tame a word to describe him he felt, he was beyond the realm of fools and right down there with retards. Rulio was taking a sip of her tea when Brodje entered “What took you so long Mazio? Were you scared?” Brodje bit back a sarcastic retort, this was clearly bait, she was clearly trying to rile him up, he was easier to control angry- As if she could read his thoughts Rulio laughed “ Calm down boy, I was just teasing you, what mother does not tease her son? You don’t have to overthink everything now do you? I’ve already told you I won’t kill you just yet, you can relax” She downed the rest of the tea and said “Brodje give my regards to Rara when you get back home will you not? Of course if things go well I’ll be seeing her soon enough, but still”

Brodje was taken aback with shock, how did his mother know the name of his wife? He looked at Gio who shook his head as if to say he was not the one that told her, but that was ridiculous, Gio was the only one he had told since he came back home. “I understand your confusion Mazio” Rulio said, smiling as she saw the look of horror on his face, but surely you did not think my organization was sloppy enough to lose the tracks of one tall, dark-haired man with sparkling silver eyes” She smiled again, absorbing his reaction “You were ridiculously easy to track, you spent heavily in the western continent, left, lost almost all your money in a bar fight in Aer, cheated and got all of it back, got beat up and left with a huge wound because you refused to use your magic, got robbed, wound up in a huge lake just outside Umere and met the town’s premier mage and lastly, you decided to settle in the town, taking up work as a blacksmith”. The room was silent, Gio was standing at his mother’s side trying to hold back laughter while Brodje was against the wall, mouth open and expression unbelieving, he made the attempt to speak several times but could not make a sound, finally he collected himself enough to say “If you knew where I was, why did you not send anyone to try and kill me?”

Rulio smiled and replied “I was never really trying to kill you Mazio, the previous attempts were just to keep you on your toes-to remind you that I was watching, nothing more, besides I didn’t come after you because I was told you seemed very happy in Umere and truthfully I’m of the opinion that everyone deserves a bit of happiness” Rulio finished, taking off her glasses and wiping them on Gio’s sleeve.

Thank you for that” Brodje managed “I might have judged you too harshly”

Do not get too comfy Brodje, I will still kill you if you default on this agreement” Rulio said menacingly, yet somewhat soothingly “Only reason I’ve left you alive this long is because you are my blood, and my motherly instincts are not gone entirely, I’m fairly certain that if I were a man, I would hunt you down and kill you myself” she stood up, walked over to where Brodje was standing and hugged him “Calm down Brodje, your wife will not die, I have promised you help and you will get it, now off you go, both of you”

How many soldiers are you sending with us mother?” Brodje asked, surprised at this sudden display of maternal affection.

Rulio released Brodje from the hug, tilted her glasses and said “Soldiers? Why would you need soldiers?”

“Well considering we are going to be up against a lot of soldiers-Templars at that, I do not think Gio and I can handle it”

Rulio smiled almost ruefully “You’ll see that you are wrong Brodje, your brother could take down the capital of Yaaba himself if I wished him to, I just choose not to, you’ll see”

Rulio picked up her cup and walked slowly out of the room, suddenly she came back as if forgetting something and said “Yes Mazio, you are not even his equal right now, so please do not think about facing him in battle, I’d rather kill you myself if possible” With that she left the room, probably to find someone else to torment. “Shall we go then brother?” Gio said, blushing a little “We have wasted too much time” Brodje tilted his head backward and ruffled his hair “Sure” he said “I would not want to tick you off O’ powerful Gio” Gio rolled his eyes and led the way, his mother had exaggerated a little, he could not take the capital alone, he was not that strong… yet.

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