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Till its Dark: Chapter 9


Brodje and Gio got on their way towards Umere, they had just 2 days to get there and get Rara out before the squadron of Templars arrived, as such they were moving as fast as they could and making no stops as they sped through the forests of Yaaba. Brodje was for some reason still reluctant to use his magic so he ran as fast as he could on land while Gio, barely visible, kept up with him from the air. They had been running for 8 hours straight when suddenly Gio dropped down and motioned for Brodje to keep quiet.

“What is it Gio? We have no time to lose” Brodje whispered impatiently

“Calm down Brother,well, actually, don’t be calm, we’ve got enemy soldiers ahead” Gio said, looking rather irritated

“Soldiers? why here? i thought you heretics drove out the government from this region 3 months ago” Brodje said, hand on his sword hilt

Apparently the retards up north thought it’d be a fine idea to make their soldiers go out through the northern border, turn around and try to take us by surprise” Gio was smiling rather wickedly, it made Brodje very uneasy.

“So, what do you suggest we do?” said Brodje, not liking the look on his brother’s face at all “Is there another route somewhere?”

Of course there is brother, there is always another route. Well i suppose you don’t mind us bringing back your wife’s carcass three weeks from now, that sounds like a good idea yes?”

Brodje ruffled his hair, getting more annoyed by the minute, Why couldn’t things just be simple, for once, was that really too much to ask? he wondered. The soldiers were coming, there were about fifty to sixty-five of them roughly and they were laughing rather happily, Brodje felt a slight twinge of guilt, these men would die soon, or at the very least suffer serious injuries, was all this really worth it? he quickly banished that thought from his mind, this was all for Rara, he’d die for Rara, he’d kill a thousand men for Rara, he’d burn down cities for Rara, he’d debowel pregnant women for her, he’d made his choice and he was going to deal with it.

Gio interrupted his thoughts by coughing loudly-a little too loudly, the soldiers were about fifty feet or so from then now and any moment now they would be spotted. “So, brother, what are we going to do, i highly doubt those soldiers are going to let us through, i’m obviously a mage” Gio said as his right arm began to vanish

“Hold on Gio, i’ll do this myself” Brodje said gruffly “I must do this myself”

“I won’t help you if you’re dying, if you want, after you die i could still go to Umere and rescue your wife” Gio said whilst giggling and randomly making parts of his body invisible

I’ll be the one to rescue her, thank you very much” Brodje said as he drew out his long, sleek one-hander and held it in a  reverse grip, with its tip facing backwards.

“That’s a nice sword Brother, where did you get it?” Gio asked

Made it myself actually, i’m a blacksmith afterall” Brodje said puffing out his chest

I’m not quite sure you should be proud of that, also the soldiers are coming closer, just so you know”

“I’m going, i’m going”

Brodje put his sword back in it’s sheath, he’d first try to pass, then lie, then if the soldiers still refused to let him go he’d murder them, the soldiers in question had now stopped moving and were now in a loose circle, surrounding something in the middle, he heard the laughter of the soldiers, the filthy jokes, the clink of their armor, but there was somthing else, it was a female voice pleading for help. Brodje was alarmed, he was 20 feet or so away from the soldiers and his curiosity was piqued by the female voice pleading breathlessly for help, then he heard the screaming, the long, drawn out pleas for help, he heard the soldiers jeer and laugh, he heard them poke fun at her as she was being raped, he heard them laugh. Time was still for Brodje for a while, he Imagined Rara as the one there, being raped by these uncouth poor excuses for soldiers, he could hear her screams, he could see her pretty face disfigured by tears as she wailed and nobody came, he could see her body as it was left uncovered and exposed after  the bastards were done and he couldn’t ignore it anymore.

Brodje unsheathed his sword and charged at the group of soldiers, taken by surprise by the wild-haired man yelling obscenities at them, two guards fell as Brodje sliced em as he charged directly for the two guards in the middle, confusion reigned as he hacked and slashed, ten, fifteen, twenty dead soldiers, suddenly he was surrounded on all sides and the soldiers began to laugh

Heretic scum like her ain’tcha?” a soldier jeered

Or maybe she’s his wife, we’ve had some like that” another soldier put in

Or maybe they were bethrothed” said another soldier grinning stupidly

Too bad she ain’t pure anymore, Both ways” the first soldier finished and they all burst out laughing

Brodje blinded by rage, put his sword back in his sheath.

“Oh lookie, he’s gonna surrender, another one for old Nor then, he likes his boys doesn’t he?”

I prefer them bit younger but my ma always told me never ta look a gift horse in the mouth” the tall, slightly hunched soldier said

Brodje lifted his hands up and rose up into the air, hovering just over the treeline, the sky began to darken and thunder rumbled ominously as Brodje’s pupils disappeared. The soldiers, displaying uncharacteristic intelligence started running for their lives, but Brodje wouldn’t let them, he started calling down bolts of lightning at them wildly, sometimes missing and setting trees on fire, he channeled chain lightning and took the lives of four soldiers simultaneously, the lightning running from one person to the next. Eventually Brodje fell, exhausted having annihilated all the soldiers… but one, apparently one had almost been able to escape, that is of course until Gio popped up in front of him and impaled him with his arm somehow.

So brother, what are we to do with her” Gio said, pointing to the girl, who had put on what remained of her clothes and was cowering behind a smoldering tree

“We’ll take her with us” Brodje said ruffling his hair and looking pale “What’s your name?” he asked

“It’s Wiete sir” she answered looking like she would die any second

“Hmm, looks like they hadn’t finished with her” Gio said looking at her somewhat lewdly “What do you say brother, want a go?

The girl hurriedly ran and hid behind Brodje peeking out from behind his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, he’s joking, at least i think he is, really appropiate joke in this situation Gio, really classy”

“I do try my best” Gio said smiling “So brother, how do you like those soldiers? Are we still heretics? Handsome face of justice right?”

Broodje could not reply, were his mom and junior brother really evil? Is this what the Face of justice in Yaaba was?Four hours later, they were halfway to Umere, Gio was carrying the girl on his shoulders and Brodje was on ground once again. Gio suggested they set up camp for the night and rest, Brodje and Gio learnt that the young girl was a child who had just started to show evidence of being a mage and was thus handed over to the authorities by her parents who believed it would protect her. Brodje lay against a tree while Wiete cuddled up to him,it was just past midnight as he fell asleep to thoughts of Rara.


The day the apples went missing

The day the apples went missing: A short story.

He wanted the apples, wanted them, needed them, he must have the apples, they were his, the apples were his, the apples were important, why? He did not know, he  was being driven by a mad desire for the apples, he clopped along, his nose guiding the way to them, they were close-so close, he could almost taste them, sweet apples, sour apples, sweet and sour apples, soon-very soon he was going to have them. There they were! freshly harvested apples, filling the air with their delicious scent, he snorted once-not too loud, too loud and they would be waking up, they who would keep him from his apples, they would be taught a lesson soon-very soon, but first he was going to take the apples, all of them, they were his, and he was theirs.

Applejack woke up with a strong feeling of unease, there was something wrong, something off about this day, she stopped herself and got up, after all everypony knew there was no use worrying.She clopped outside only to be met with a startling sight, there were no apples! All the apples she had spent hours harvesting were now gone, overcome by the shock she fainted. Applejack awoke to  concerned faces of all her friends “Applejack” cried Pinkie Pie “You’re awake!” Applejack stretched and asked sleepily “What happened?”

Rainbowdash saw you collapse in your yard” answered Twilight Sparkle

So that means…”

“Your apples are really gone” finished Fluttershy, who had already told her animal friends to start looking for them

“Don’t worry Applejack, we’ll get those apples back for you, and punish whoever stole them too!” said Rainbowdash while sorta revving her wings

“Thanks Y’all” said Applejack “You guys are the best friends a ponygal could ask for” she finished happily.

The search went on throughout the day, Rainbowdash searching by air, Pinkie Pie and Rarity asking the ponies in Ponyville, Fluttershy searching along with her animal buddies and Spike and Twilight Sparkle searching the area outside the town, they searched all day but found nothing, when night approached and the sun’s light began to dim they decided to leave it at that and continue the next day. Applejack lay in bed thinking, were the apples really gone? Would they manage to find whoever took them? Eventually sleep took her with those heavy thoughts lingering in her mind.

Twilight sparkle was seated at a table reading, they couldn’t find the apples today and there was always tomorrow so there was no use thinking too much about it, she might as well cheer herself up with a book, *CRASH* she looked up suddenly at the sound of the noise, “Don’t worry i’ll get it” Spike said “Probably a pan falling or something” Spike shuffled off towards the noise and Twilight Sparkle settled back down to her book. Minutes passed and Spike was not yet back, there was something wrong, she stood up and trotted slowly through the door,she gasped, there, in the dim moonlight was a shallow pool of blood, “whose blood?” she thought as she backed away *munch munch* she turned back *Munch munch* something was chewing something, she gathered her courage and turned around, Spike was gored on the Bai Ze’s big horn, his lifeless eyes surprised and his forked tongue hanging loosely from his lips. Twilight Sparkle screamed as the Bai Ze charged forward, apple cores speared on his strangely canine teeth, he killed Spike! She was not gong to run away from him! Her horn started glowing as she gathered up all her magical strength, the Bai Ze leapt forward and speared her in the stomach a moment before her blast sent him reeling backward, she galloped through the door and into the ponyville night, entrails leaking from her stomach as she called for help “Help… Anypony! Help!…” she mouthed as she fell over a few steps from Rarity’s home.

He did it! He did it!, he had gotten one! One of them who would keep him from the apples! One of them that tried to take them back, she learnt, she was dead now, the apples were HIS! He was not sharing, He would teach them all!.. just as soon as he finished this mouthful.

To be continued(?)

This was done for some gold coins in a contest on HoN forums. My regular stuff(for the few that actually read it) will be out later if i’m not too lazy.

That's what I mean by a Bai Ze