The day the apples went missing: A short story.

He wanted the apples, wanted them, needed them, he must have the apples, they were his, the apples were his, the apples were important, why? He did not know, he  was being driven by a mad desire for the apples, he clopped along, his nose guiding the way to them, they were close-so close, he could almost taste them, sweet apples, sour apples, sweet and sour apples, soon-very soon he was going to have them. There they were! freshly harvested apples, filling the air with their delicious scent, he snorted once-not too loud, too loud and they would be waking up, they who would keep him from his apples, they would be taught a lesson soon-very soon, but first he was going to take the apples, all of them, they were his, and he was theirs.

Applejack woke up with a strong feeling of unease, there was something wrong, something off about this day, she stopped herself and got up, after all everypony knew there was no use worrying.She clopped outside only to be met with a startling sight, there were no apples! All the apples she had spent hours harvesting were now gone, overcome by the shock she fainted. Applejack awoke to  concerned faces of all her friends “Applejack” cried Pinkie Pie “You’re awake!” Applejack stretched and asked sleepily “What happened?”

Rainbowdash saw you collapse in your yard” answered Twilight Sparkle

So that means…”

“Your apples are really gone” finished Fluttershy, who had already told her animal friends to start looking for them

“Don’t worry Applejack, we’ll get those apples back for you, and punish whoever stole them too!” said Rainbowdash while sorta revving her wings

“Thanks Y’all” said Applejack “You guys are the best friends a ponygal could ask for” she finished happily.

The search went on throughout the day, Rainbowdash searching by air, Pinkie Pie and Rarity asking the ponies in Ponyville, Fluttershy searching along with her animal buddies and Spike and Twilight Sparkle searching the area outside the town, they searched all day but found nothing, when night approached and the sun’s light began to dim they decided to leave it at that and continue the next day. Applejack lay in bed thinking, were the apples really gone? Would they manage to find whoever took them? Eventually sleep took her with those heavy thoughts lingering in her mind.

Twilight sparkle was seated at a table reading, they couldn’t find the apples today and there was always tomorrow so there was no use thinking too much about it, she might as well cheer herself up with a book, *CRASH* she looked up suddenly at the sound of the noise, “Don’t worry i’ll get it” Spike said “Probably a pan falling or something” Spike shuffled off towards the noise and Twilight Sparkle settled back down to her book. Minutes passed and Spike was not yet back, there was something wrong, she stood up and trotted slowly through the door,she gasped, there, in the dim moonlight was a shallow pool of blood, “whose blood?” she thought as she backed away *munch munch* she turned back *Munch munch* something was chewing something, she gathered her courage and turned around, Spike was gored on the Bai Ze’s big horn, his lifeless eyes surprised and his forked tongue hanging loosely from his lips. Twilight Sparkle screamed as the Bai Ze charged forward, apple cores speared on his strangely canine teeth, he killed Spike! She was not gong to run away from him! Her horn started glowing as she gathered up all her magical strength, the Bai Ze leapt forward and speared her in the stomach a moment before her blast sent him reeling backward, she galloped through the door and into the ponyville night, entrails leaking from her stomach as she called for help “Help… Anypony! Help!…” she mouthed as she fell over a few steps from Rarity’s home.

He did it! He did it!, he had gotten one! One of them who would keep him from the apples! One of them that tried to take them back, she learnt, she was dead now, the apples were HIS! He was not sharing, He would teach them all!.. just as soon as he finished this mouthful.

To be continued(?)

This was done for some gold coins in a contest on HoN forums. My regular stuff(for the few that actually read it) will be out later if i’m not too lazy.

That's what I mean by a Bai Ze