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Till its Dark:Chapter 11


“Stormspirit?” Brodje asked, “What is that?

“In Ancient times, children born of the union between two certain kinds of mage were labelled as abominations and killed at birth, they were killed not because of any physical or mental deformities, but because they had power surpassing that of a regular mage” Gio answered

“You still haven’t answered my question, so my unborn son has more power than a regular mage?”

“Actually it’d be an understatement to call them more powerful mages, calling them forces of nature is way more appropriate”

Brodje sat down and ruffled his hair “Why should i trust what you say is true?”

“You don’t need to” Gio said while using small gusts of wind to blow up Wiete’s skirt. “Normal mages don’t manifest their powers until about eight years or so, for “prodigies” it’s around age four, but for Abominations such as your son it’s immediately apparent at the time of birth”

I don’t understand, if it was this easy to create an all powerful mage why aren’t there more of them?

Its rare, very rare for a fetus of such a union to survive past three months, i’d say it’d be at about a one in a hundred million chance. Gio stopped teasing Wiete and continued “The killing was only done if it was apparent that such an abomination was actually born”

“I won’t let you kill him” Brodje said, his expression serious

I’m not going to, he is my nephew after all” Gio disappeared into thin air again “Besides” he continued “He might prove useful to m-our cause”

Brodje kept quiet and continued running, this was another hitch in his plans, now there was no chance at all his mother would let such a potentially powerful weapon get away from her, it was probably also why his mother was so keen to help, “Damn it” Brodje cursed, he had been such a fool, he had actually believed for a moment- a tiny moment, that his mother was actually doing this out of her goodwill. Gio glided unseen above his older brother, he could only imagine what was running through his head, in fact, he didn’t want to imagine it, but this was how the world worked, there was no peace for the good, only the strong and ruthless got what they wanted, he wished his brother would understand that soon… for his own sake.

Young Faith

As the sun rose its light crept in through the cracks in the window to rouse a sleeping Rara, she rubbed her eyes and yawned, she didn’t want to get up, not yet, she knew it was going to be another hard day. Rara got down from her bed and went off to find her mom, her day had not come back home yet, he left one day carrying his big knife with Kien’s dad, but Kien’s dad came back so surely her dad would too, she wouldn’t believe the people that said he wouldn’t. her mom included. “Momma” Rara called out “Good morning!” She ran into the kitchen and jumped onto her mother “Good morning Rara” Tara smiled, throwing Rara up into the air “You’re pretty cheerful this morning Rara, did you have a nice dream?”

“Yeah mom” Rara answered smiling broadly… and displaying tooth-shaped holes in her mouth

What happened? Hop on my lap and tell me all about it” Tara said, lifting her smiling daughter onto her lap

” The Town was on fire and i was lying on the ground alone and crying” Rara started

“That sounds more like a nightmare dear” Tara said, looking concerned

Mom!” Rara yelled “Don’t interrupt”

Go on then”

” I was alone crying on the ground, and things were burning all around me but just as the fire was about to reach me a handsome man with silver eyes came and carried me away” Rara finished

Tara was silent, this was not an ordinary dream, Rara may have inherited some of her ability for visions, for now she’d just let the little girl be, no need to burden her childish mind.

That’s nice dear” Rara said dismissively “Now, let’s go get some breakfast and you can go play with Kien”

Okay mom!” giggled Rara as she got down

For breakfast they had some hard bread with a few eggs Tara had found while venturing outside the town, terrible as it was, it was still a better meal than many other people got. The drought had been on for six years now- the longest drought in the history of the Province and it didn’t seem to be ending soon, fleeing would be an option if it wasn’t affecting the whole province, the other provinces were not sending any aid and were killing refugees, the High king did nothing but sit in his over-sized throne(still collecting tax) and there was no way of contacting the western continent, though they were far more likely to laugh at their woes. Tara sighed and sent Rara off, if only this drought would end, everything would be all right she thought. If only they were allowed to draw water from the lake on the outskirts of the town, but apparently the lake spirit didn’t take kindly t0 humans and already about a hundred people had died when they attempted to draw water, drowning and yelling as they were dragged into the water and subsequently found on shore, lifeless, the next day.

Rara ran out into the street heading for Kien’s house, the sun beat down hard on her as she raced about the town evading the half- dead homeless that littered the town’s pathways, ignored their rasps for food, their cries for “just a bit of water” and their outstretched hands as they grabbed for her. Rara did not understand why they were asking for food and water, after all she always had them at home when she asked her mother, well if they didn’t want to go home and eat their own food they could lie out there and roast in the sun.

Kien!” Rara yelled as she spotted the Dusty-haired little boy as he ran(for apparently no reason) around his house.

Hi Rara! Did ya come ta play” Kien asked grinning as he stopped running and walked to Rara

“Yup” Rara answered “What were you doing?”

“Hmm? I was just running” replied Kien, picking his nose


“Cus i can!” exclaimed Kien “Come on let’s go!”

Kien grabbed Rara’s hand and ran out into the street. almost bumping into a sick-looking man who immediately started begging for food and water “Eww” cried Rara, who had actually bumped into him “You smell!” she turned to Kien “Doesn’t he smell Kien?” she asked, Rara almost immediately recoiled at the look Kien was giving her. Kien turned his back to Rara and ran into the house, he emerged with a pitcher full of water, handing it to the man, he turned to Rara and said “ I don’t think i should play with ya anymore”

“Why?” asked Rara

Don’t you feel bad for em? They don’t have houses or food or water, our mom’s give us these things but all these people don’t have moms or dads to give them too”

I didn’t know” sobbed Rara

It’s fine Rara” Kien said, wiping away her tears “I have a plan”

“Plan? For what?”

“To get water from the lake” Kien answered with a grin.

Rara was shocked, her mom had always told her to stay away from the lake, that it was bad.

Kien, mom says to stay away from the lake”

“Yup i know, the spirit of the lake kills people”

It does?”

“Yes, but i think that’s only because the people who go there to collect water only do that so they can sell it, not because they want to help people. That is what is making the spirit so angry”

“But” Rara started protesting

If you don’t want to come, just stay here! I already know you don’t are about other people!” Kien shouted, he turned around and took off towards the lake

Rara was confused, she didn’t like disobeying her mother because that usually earned her a beating but on the other hand Kien was her friend, he was smart and funny, he was also three years older than her and she liked him. Rara decided to go after Kien… ignoring her mother’s voice in her head that was screaming for her to turn back.

Rara arrived at the lake shore tired and hungry, she would find Kien, help him quickly and go home to her mother, it was already way past time for lunch. Rara stumbled past the weeds that lined the shore and arrived at the water’s edge, she couldn’t see Kien anywhere, she decided to search around the lake, sure he was hiding. An hour later Rara fell down exhausted near the water’s edge. Kien had probably gotten the water she thought, he had already gotten the water and gone home.

“You think wrong little one” came a voice from seemingly the middle of the lake

Rara stood up terrified, where was the voice coming from? Who was talking?

“Over here” the voice called, Rara turned around and saw a white haired young man lazily basking at the other side of the lake

“Surprised little girl? You shouldn’t be, you’ve heard the stories about the lake spirit haven’t you? the man said, smiling wickedly

You’ve met it?” Rara stammered, almost choking from fear

The man disappeared and instantly reappeared next to Rara, “You know child, i really hate stupid questions, yes i have met it”

“Where is he? Where is my friend Kien? screamed Rara, forgetting her fear for a moment

“Oh? You’ve got guts young one” the man smiled “I am the spirit of which you speak” the man sat down next to Rara, “And i believe this dead young man is your Kien yes?” Kien’s body suddenly appeared at Rara’s feet, his eyes open and unseeing. Rara screamed and began to run away but the spirit simply stuck out a leg and she tripped.

Now listen here young one sit down” said the spirit who was not smiling anymore

Rara did as she was told, she was regretting ever becoming Kien’s friend, she was regretting leaving the house this morning, she  was regretting ignoring her mother’s advice, she could feel it, this spirit was the real thing, his presence kept her frozen, she was paralyzed by fear and all her senses were screaming out that she should run, but she couldn’t, she couldn’t, she’d die, he’d kill her if she moved, she was sure.

“Good, good” the spirit appeared pleased by her compliance “You have no hope of running away, so just sit down there, if you move you’ll end up like your little boyfriend.. and your father”

MY PAPA IS NOT DEAD!” Rara yelled, forgetting fear for a moment again

“He is” the spirit said coldly “I can tell you how, or, better yet, i can show you”

Rara’s head swam in a sea of colours for what seemed like an eternity, when she opened her eyes she was standing in a field and all around her  men were fighting. she spotted her dad, he was turning back and running from the battle, she ran through the field to get to his side but just as she did a white light arced through the air and hit him in the head, lifting his body from te ground and dropping him down… dead.

“PAPA! PAPA!” Rara shouted but her head was soon swimming again and when she opened her eyes she was at the lake’s edge again and facing the spirit, who had moved to directly face her

“Your father died as a coward” the spirit spat in disgust “He was a disgrace to men”

Rara said nothing, she couldn’t make a sound.

The spirit was grinning “Little girl, you’ve entertained me for a while, tell you what, i’ll make a deal with you, i either bring back the laughably naive kid or i stop the drought, both choices come with a condition though”

“What if i don’t choose any?” Rara asked

“I’ll kill you” the spirit smiled

Rara thought for a moment, if Kien found out she had passed p the opportunity to end the drought he’d be angry, but she wanted Kien, he was her only friend, she wanted him to smile again.

“Made your decision?” the spirit asked, after Rara looked up


“Spit it out then”

“i want… you to end the drought” Rara managed

Intelligent young girl, as an added bonus for choosing the smarter option, i’ll make you a water mage and give you a quarter of my power(Not using it much anyway)”

You said something abut a condition”

“Yes, almost forgot there, thank you” the spirit laughed “You have to come to the lake everyday once you turn fifteen”


The spirit laughed maliciously and licked his lips “Oh my little servant, what did i say about asking stupid questions?”

Broodje was running, they were so close to Umere now, he just needed to climb that hill and he’d be able to see it, he couldn’t wait to see Rara again, this one week apart had been like torture, he smiled and ran up the hill, just one more step and he’d …. Umere was on fire, he rubbed his eyes and looked again, Umere was still engulfed in flame, “Gio” he called “Why didn’t you say something?

“Well, you looked so happy, i couldn’t bring myself to tell you” Gio replied, smiling nervously

Brodje sank down  onto his knees, he could not believe his eyes.

“Get up Brother” said Gio, who was already vanishing again “We’ve got work to do and fast”

Brodje got up slowly and muttered “Why?…”

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Till its Dark: Chapter 10


The brothers and the girl they picked up were on their way again, moving ever closer to Umere. if all went well they would be in town just in time to pick Rara up and get out before the templars arrived. Brodje was running on the ground deep in thought, Were his mother and brother the evil ones ? After the scene yesterday with the girl he could not be so sure anymore, Was it so bad to work for them? No! he could not think about this right now, his goal was to rescue Rara and ensure her safety, anything else was secondary.

“Gio!” Brodje called out

“What?” came the reply from seemingly thin air

“You said something about me and Rara’s child being an abomination”

“Oh yeah” said Gio as he dropped down “Is it fine for her to be so close to you? This is important” he said, gesturing towards Wiete who seemed to have developed an infatuation with Brodje’s left arm.

“Its fine, we’re gonna be looking after her from now on aren’t we?’

No, you are gonna be looking after her, she’s hardly any younger than me, it’d  be strange for me to be looking after her” said Gio who was pinching Wiete.

“Oh yeah that’s right, we still don’t know how old she is” remembered Brodje, turning to Wiete, he asked “How old are you exactly?”

“Seventeen sir” answered Wiete meekly

“Seventeen?” shouted Gio, incredulous “You’re older than me?

“It would seem so” answered Brodje with a  smirk “This is perfect, mother has no need to search for an ideal girl for marriage”

At this Wiete hid behind Brodje, peeking out at Gio and blushing while Gio glared at Brodje.

Ah you finally revert to how you really are, you hot-headed little kid” said Brodje, rubbing Gio’s head fondly

Gio glared at him for a while then said “Do you want to know about your unborn child? Or do you still want to waste even more time making stupid jokes?”

“Ah, he went back” thought Brodje

“Fine, fine i’m done” said Brodje still smiling “What exactly makes my child an abomination?”

“First off, you know about the spheres of magic right brother?” said Gio quizzically

Fire, Air, Earth and Water right?”

“Wrong! Honestly brother, if not for your natural talent, you’d be useless”

“Forget that! get on with it!” said Brodje who was a bit pissed

“No need to get worked up. You forgot Light and Darkness, Life and death”

“Life and death is basically the same thing right? Same thing with Light and darkness”

“Yeah, but certain people are more attuned to a particular side, so those are more like sub-spheres of magic”

“What part of this has anything to do with my child” asked Brodje, getting impatient

“I’m getting there, there is one last sphere, the rarest and potentially the most dangerous”

“Which is?”

“The sphere of pure Arcane energy”

“Never heard of it”

You wouldn’t as it was discovered after you left home. You know how certain individuals show some degree of magical talent but when trained are totally inept at any of the more common four spheres?

“Yeah” replied Brodje who for some reason was now carrying Wiete on his back

“It was discovered that those individuals were not infact inept but were attuned to the Arcane sphere of magic. Was a rather big discovery”

“So, what makes it so special”

“You know how we that use the other spheres of magic control,shape and create the element we are attuned to?

“Yeah, but feel free to keep dragging this out with mundane questions”

Gio glared at his brother for a few seconds then turned around and vanished.

“Oh, i’m sorry, come back Gio” cried out an exasperated Brodje

To answer your question” Gio carried on as if nothing happened “Magi of the arcane sphere do not control or create the element they are attuned to, as it is technically not an element. They can shape it into Arcane shields which nullify all magic damage or Arcane bolts which are your basic projectiles, but their main strength, what makes them so fearsome is that each of them use powers derived from an abstract concept.”

I’m not sure i follow you” said Brodje, ruffling his hair

“What i mean is each of them have abilities that correspond with an abstract concept, for example: Creation,Destruction, Vanity, Desolation, amongst others”

Brodje turned pale “How do you stop such a mage?”

“Cool down brother, not all of them have awesome powers, i’ve heard of an arcane mage with his concept being Happiness, i have no idea how that would even work, besides they are very rare”

“Have you ever met one?” asked Brodje

“Oh? You know one Brodje, very well infact” said Gio, who was smiling and trying to trip the curiously quiet Wiete


“She wears glasses, drinks tea at eight every morning and once whipped you for failing to beat up a bully”


“Yes, mother is an Arcane mage”

“Lies, she is attuned to the Air sphere like us”

“Mother’s concept is absorption, you should be able to figure out the rest”

“She absorbed Father’s powers didn’t she? She can absorb elements from mages she defeats

“Slight correction, she absorbs the lifeforce; which includes the powers and memories of anyone she defeats”

Brodje gently lowered Wiete to the ground and sat down himself, turning very pale. “She, She is invincible at this point isn’t she?”

“More or less yes, but every Arcane mage trades something for continuous usage of their powers, in Mother’s case it’s her eyesight, she’s almost half-blind now”

“I understand, and thanks, really for teaching me all this, but still you haven’t gotten to what my main concern is, why exactly is my son an abomination?” said Brodje, regaining some of his colour

“Oh?” exclaimed Gio with a wry smile “My little nephew’s a Stormspirit”.