Four down

Rara had ignored her mother’s advice to leave the village with the other mages, she decided to lounge in the lake and wait for them as they surely would detect a mage of her power first and come for her and as much as she hate him, the lakes spirit would happily slaughter everyone who dared show up, that was the plan. Plans very rarely work out and this time it was a disaster of improbable scale. The templars were quite content to enter the village and massacre the lesser mages, wisely saving their strength for the bigger problem, so to speak.

The lake spirit chuckled “Well, well my sweet one, your plan was a disaster, you are not at fault though, it was an intelligent plan, just executed poorly, you could have very easily lured them here, but you did not think about that, did you?”

Rara was steaming, she ignored the lake spirit, she knew she wasn’t at fault, but she still needed to help somehow and she immediately tried to rush out of the water to the town.

“Oh no” laughed the Lake spirit “You don’t get to leave just yet, this just became fun, let us see how the town holds out. Shall we?”

Turns out the town didn’t hold out too long and when she was finally released by the Lake spirit she swore she’d find a way to destroy him one day. It wasn’t going to be easy, in this world there existed two and only two tiers of “spirits” or “gods”; The Timeless or Juz and the Manifested or Vuz. The Juz were immortal and generally aloof while the Vuz existed as long as where they tethered their existence did. The ones tethered to the different spheres of magic were named and could be summoned while the others tethered to things like “a plot of land” or a lake were far less powerful and were subservient to the major ones, they also had an annoying tendency to be pranksters and mischief makers and thus were constantly getting killed off by powerful mages or warriors too pissed off to even notice the spells that were hitting them. As is usual in these things, there was a third tier, but their influence had faded to the point that few even knew they ever existed and even less knew how powerful they were. They were called the Tuz or The Elysian, but in some texts are also called The Malevolent, which is the sum total of what the rarest book would tell you regarding them.

Rara had wondered for a long time what tier of spirit he was, he was most definitely not Vuz-Too powerful, which left two possibilities, neither of which she liked. The spirits bound to the spheres of magic were said to have almost infinite power, each one being as powerful as about a hundred Archmages, but they paled in comparison to a single Juz. The Juz, having existed from the dawn of time made the High-Vuz look like a bunch of First orb apprentices, however being rather aloof and on account of there also being a very small amount of Juz-Thirteen in number to be precise, there hadn’t been any recorded contact with one of them for centuries, they also rarely interfered in human matters. The lake spirit had the personality of a Lower-Vuz, but power comparable to one of the weaker Juz. Rara pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind, she had to hurry and rid the town of templar scum.

She had barely arrived in what used to be Umere, but now looked like an area a fire-Vuz had waltzed through before four unfortunate templars accosted her.

“Well, looks like we got another one” a short, spiky-haired one said

“Oh, a pretty one!” said another templar

“Hold up Eric, we’re under orders” said another, clearly the brains here

“Let’s get on with it then” said the last one, a bit gruffer than the rest “This whole business sickens me”

Rara felt bad for him, but still, he had come here and he had helped in destroying the village, she didn’t like insincere words and she’d make sure he suffered more than the others.

“Hey miss” smiled¬† the spiky-haired one “We would have loved to take you captive and play” he continued, licking his lips “but orders are orders, and our orders are to kill each and every of you unnatural lot”

Rara frowned, she also did not like hypocrites. Templars are mages, they are mages that could not specialize in a particular sphere of magic and so decided to channel their arcane talents into anti-magery. Anti-magery is still magery, just for weak, talentless trash that couldn’t cut it at actual magery. Despite Rara’s disdain for templars, she was aware that templars were not a joke, their meagre talents were devoted exclusively to stopping magery in its tracks, either by severing the arcane power from its source or by simply dispelling it. Powerful templars could and should scare the pants off even Archmages, but these four weren’t powerful templars, not even mediocre.

She smiled at them and said “I’m no threat sirs, could you please let me go? I’ll make it worth your while” she pleaded, motioning to a half burnt down barn.

Spiky was all too eager “Come on Sam” he whined “Look at her, she’s no threat to us, we should have some fun. She’s even willing!”

He was shouted down by the gruff templar “You idiot, how did you even get out of basic training, can’t you feel it?”

Spiky shut up and kept quiet, if he concentrated he could feel it, the grumpy bastard was right, this wasn’t just any ordinary mage. They were staring down probably the strongest water mage there was in the province. His face paled, and he took just one step back. Rara was waiting, and instantly a wall of ice blocked his path.

“Now now Eric, i thought we were going to have some fun?” Rara said, smirking.

The look on the templars faces was priceless and Rara could see many a wet patch forming at their collective crotches. She didn’t have to be so flashy and mean, but the templars also didn’t have to destroy her home, she shouldn’t also be exerting herself at this stage of her pregnancy and weirdly she was both appalled and flattered that Eric aka Spiky was willing to take her, even with her clearly protruding belly.

“So, tell me, exactly what stops me from killing all of you right here, right now?” she asked, arms behind her back in the manner of old, grumpy women.

Sam had apparently regained a bit of his composure “You can’t! the air is dry, we burnt the town so you water mages would be useless” he stood straighter, and rather childishly said “No water for you!”

Rara chuckled, he was right, it was after all the glaring weakness of a water mage. Water mages unlike other mages can’t just produce water spontaneously out of thin air, which is why water mages are often seen carrying gourds of water around. Fire mages can produce fire from thin air, earth mages are even more ridiculous, seeing as the combatant is literally standing on their battleground, air mages are worse, after all you need air to live and worst of all perhaps are the rare mages of the spheres of Light/Darkness and Life/Death. The templar was right, the air was too dry, the ice wall had taken almost too much effort and getting a droplet out of the air now would be a challenge. Unfortunately, those rules meant nothing to Rara, she was unfazed.

“Ah, i was wondering why you went through all the effort of burning down the town while knowing the council would pay for it to be rebuilt” Rara was getting tired, it was time to end this.

“Enough talk” Eric roared regaining his confidence “You will pay for fooling around with me” his eyes were now even wilder than his hair which was quite a feat.

Rara sighed and raised her right arm up, palm facing the sky. It started to drizzle.

If the templars weren’t scared before, they certainly were now.¬† Rain could only be summoned by three kinds of beings; The Water-Vuz, lesser water-Vuz and insanely powerful mages, mages so powerful they would be classed as living, breathing forces of nature, Rara was the latter.

Rara dropped her arm and spoke to the templars “You know, if you had simply come with me, I would have just knocked you out, well, apart from you gruffy” she finished, pointing at the terror-stricken templar.

“Let’s go ma’am” that was Eric “Right guys?”

“I changed my mind” she said matter-of-factly “You ruined my home” she continued, the rain’s intensity rising with every word “You killed old women, you killed old men, you killed children!” she emphasized that last point with a shard, or rather, a spear of ice through Sam’s chest, killing him instantly. “You louts are detached from the main force” she growled “Where are the rest? How many?”

The unnamed templar spoke up “There were sixty of us” he said, stammering “We split from the main group to find something to eat” he finished.

“Lying won’t help you now” she said, her voice deceptively warmer “What is the real reason you came here?”

“We were looking for wen… girls to…er” he stopped, his eyes staring at the ground

“To what?” she snapped, turning the rain around her briefly to mist.

“To entertain us” he finished meekly. He was rewarded for his honesty by a relatively quick death. Rara froze him into a block of ice, a crack formed halfway through it and the templars body slid away in two halves.

To his credit, Spiky did try to defend himself. he summoned an ethereal shield to nullify Rara’s attacks, but it wasn’t enough, not even nearly. The rain falling around him turned to mini ice spears and well, speared him.

Rara raised her hand and stopped the rain, she then motioned for gruffy to run. He didn’t believe his luck, but he wasn’t about to stay, he turned around and took two steps before he stopped, permanently. Rara flash froze every droplet of water, in every pore in his drenched skin, then ripped them out, living him to bleed out in a puddle.

Rara was furious, she had wasted too much time toying with these nobodies, there were tougher templars in the town and she was sure they had the help of a fire mage, that was the only way the town could be so razed and yet not completely burnt down. She would find that traitor mage, crush him and the templars and have her revenge, before it was too late for her.